Transitions of Power

Yes friends, we stand on the cusp of a shining moment in our American democracy, when we effect the peaceful transition of political power. This hallowed process sets us apart from all of those other, lesser nations where the transition of power is at times accomplished through less refined means, potentially leading to chaos and authoritarianism. Fortunately, we are immune from such outcomes, and now we can celebrate the virtues of our time-honored tradition in which power is transferred between respected leaders while the people gather to witness the miracle of democracy.

Did any of that sound convincing? We didn’t think so! Luckily we have some mechanisms available to express our displeasure at the prospect of having rights eroded, gains retracted, and people further marginalized. We can raise our voices, march in our streets, fly our signs, post our words, and sing our songs. We can work in our communities, nurture our families, connect with our friends, and plant our gardens. We can remember all those who have struggled in the past, still mobilize in the present, and continue to provide a sense of hope for the future. We can do all of this and more without being part of the charade, choosing not to follow the leader, and instead making our points with humor, clarity, and purpose.

Doing this would be meaningful under any circumstances, but especially now. In the days ahead, when we are asked to set aside our differences and unite behind a new administration for the good of the country, we can choose instead to make our principled opposition known and unite behind a new vision for a world free of hate, cruelty, untruth, and greed. Perhaps by unfollowing the trivial and maniacal, we will reclaim space to cultivate the communal and sustainable instead. At the end of the day, this could be a genuinely peaceful transition of power, putting it in the hands of decent people and their communities — where it really belonged in the first place.

Of course if this doesn’t work, there’s always another flavor out there!

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