No Domain, No Gain!

Despite the discovery of another “continent” lurking beneath New Zealand, we’re not really making any more real estate on this planet. And even if NASA announces the discovery of potential life or habitable worlds elsewhere in the cosmos, it still doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to buy any land out there any time soon. So unless you want to take a look at some swampland in Florida (which will likely be fully submerged in due time anyway), there isn’t a lot of new territory on which to stake a claim.

However, today we’ve got the vast wide world of the interwebs as the next frontier! In recent years there’s been a proliferation of new domain registrations (thousands per day), as well as domain “flipping” forums for selling them to businesses, investors, content creators, marketers, and others. Registrars like GoDaddy offer domains for sale, and sites like Flippa hold auctions and sales regularly. Not all domains are immediately salable, but many are — and if you hit on a popular one, there can be a lot of interest and even some impressive sales figures to contemplate (as with domains like or

At Rover Goods, we’ve developed a portfolio of clever and unique domains over the years. Some of our domains have been turned into popular websites; others have been sold at reasonable prices to be activated by their owners. We like the site SEDO for offering our domains, because they promote their listings well and offer services like “buy now” and “make an offer” (plus, they provide “parking” services for building interest while your domain is for sale); we also place our domains for auction on eBay periodically, as part of our ongoing collection of awesome items there. Interested? Some faves: || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || TheWeakest.Link || TourThe.US || || || || || || ||

Maybe you’re looking for a band name, a book title, to start a blog, a place to feature your work, or to open your own online shop. Perhaps you have a computer-savvy teen that wants to set up a networking or gaming site. Or maybe you’re an investor or established business looking for the “next big thing” to run with. Remember, concepts like Yahoo and Google sounded funny at first, until they didn’t. Branding names and trending topics are the order of the day. No lost continents, distant worlds, or swampland — it’s just plain old ingenuity!

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