Resistance Is NOT Futile

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, a ragtag bunch of charismatic castoffs and merry malcontents staged a rebellion against the dark forces of evil in their midst. The stakes were high, as the fate of the world hung in the balance. The empire was strong and inflexible, but its hubris also made it vulnerable — if you knew where to look, and were willing to sacrifice for the greater good. This band of revolutionary misfits gathered together in secret, and launched their insurgency with principled determination. Ultimately, they prevailed through sheer fortitude, gifted insight, actionable intel, mystical wisdom, humor, and a dash of the good fortune that often favors the bold.

And in the process of attaining their freedom, they also abolished the Electoral College, required mandatory financial disclosures for all who held office, disqualified any who sold out to foreign powers, and made healthcare universal. Oh, and somehow they greened their economy, staved off climate change, expanded and decommodified education, and guaranteed personal privacy. As a side project, they installed robust human rights protections everywhere, amped  up the social safety net, disarmed their militaries and police forces, dismantled the prisons, and abolished all -isms from their midst. And then they set about the hard work of actually living together in harmony.

Hey, it could happen…

In the meantime, we have the news of the day to confront — and it ain’t good. Corruption, misogyny, incompetence, treachery, profiteering, bombast, racism, conflict, degradation, toxicity, authoritarianism, insanity, venality, and more — and this is only the top of the news cycle. A deep dive into current events is like swimming through the sewer pipes further into the labyrinthian system: the stuff gets thicker and the smell gets worse. Even changing the channel doesn’t really help, as the (bad) news of the world keeps insinuating itself.

But if we cut to the next reel in the series, we can discern cause for hope mounting on the horizon. Awakened by their common concerns and overlapping outrage, The People are massing everywhere to call out, push back, and otherwise interrupt the ascension of the asinine in progress. This emerging Resistance — sometimes elevated with the pronoun The, to mark its singular appearance — is actually a lot of resistances rolled into one. And this is its indefatigable strength, manifesting the virtues of unity and diversity at once, and reminding us again that despite the odds: resistance is not futile.

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