Good Vibrations

Sometimes it’s hard to see the good in the world — until we look a bit deeper and realize that it’s actually all around us. You may have heard (or even used) expressions like “no worries” and “it’s all good” to reflect some of this attitude that the world is what we make of it, and that even the things that challenge or trouble us can be part of a larger sense of the “good” if we look at them differently. Living can be hard on numerous levels, no doubt, but (as the saying goes) it’s better than the alternative. Continue reading “Good Vibrations”

See You IRL!

Not to be too old-school here, but sometimes we kind of miss the “real world” (whatever that means). Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t like “reality” is all that stellar, or that there aren’t a lot of, um, interesting corners of the online world. But there’s something about being offline, unplugged, de-linked, and generally out-of-doors that still has great appeal. Plus, who knows how long that outer world will be there for us to frolic in, or how many people will even want to before too long. So from where we stand, it’s worth getting out there more! Continue reading “See You IRL!”

Resistance Is NOT Futile

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, a ragtag bunch of charismatic castoffs and merry malcontents staged a rebellion against the dark forces of evil in their midst. The stakes were high, as the fate of the world hung in the balance. The empire was strong and inflexible, but its hubris also made it vulnerable — if you knew where to look, and were willing to sacrifice for the greater good. This band of revolutionary misfits gathered together in secret, and launched their insurgency with principled determination. Ultimately, they prevailed through sheer fortitude, gifted insight, actionable intel, mystical wisdom, humor, and a dash of the good fortune that often favors the bold. Continue reading “Resistance Is NOT Futile”

Specializing in Generalities?

Yeah, so, like the other day something popped up on the screen that got us thinking about things in a different sort of way. It was one of those really clever memes that we aspire to, but somehow despite our best efforts, can never quite replicate. The content of the message isn’t the important part, though, since it quickly faded from view down the relentless feed of the timeline. What it got us wondering was even more basic: why do some things catch on while others go unnoticed? There must be a general principle involved here, right? It’s not totally random, is it? Continue reading “Specializing in Generalities?”

Dread and Circuses?

It’s something of a supreme irony that just as the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is ending its 146-year operation, we have entered an era that is the political equivalent of a circus. Activists have long decried the captivity and forced compliance of the animals at the center of the circus, directly contesting the cultural aphorism that it was “The Greatest Show on Earth.” By cultivating public sentiment that ultimately yielded “mounting obstacles that even its most acrobatic members could not overcome” (including diminished attendance) these oppositional forces were able to shut down what the Washington Post referred to as an “iconic spectacle.” Does any of this seem vaguely familiar, even figuratively speaking, in terms of the present political moment? Continue reading “Dread and Circuses?”