Get Your Unicorn On!

Unicorns seem to be all the rage these days. Well, perhaps rage isn’t quite the right word, since the resurgence of interest seems to be as much about peace and positive visions than anything else. It’s interesting to see the wide range of ways the concept and image of the unicorn has been applied lately — from the in-your-face independent journalism of Unicorn Riot to the rolling-in-the-dough success of billion-dollar companies on Fortune’s Unicorn List. When we want to praise someone for their uniqueness, we might call them a unicorn; when we want to dismiss them as being unrealistic, we might do the same. This is a paradox as old as the myth itself. Continue reading “Get Your Unicorn On!”

Solidarity … Forever

We spend a lot of time in relative isolation in the course of navigating our modern lives. Oh sure, we have “friends” and “likes” and are perpetually tethered to myriads of others across time and space, but if you think about it, the portal to connect to this amazing world of interwebs is almost completely individualized. Somehow, this sense of greater interconnection (virtually speaking) comes at the expense of more direct forms of kindredness. The question how did we get here? is interesting to consider, but is perhaps less urgent than its unsung counterpart where are we going? Continue reading “Solidarity … Forever”

Go(ing) with the Flow

These days, it helps to think about where things are going and how we can be part of steering them there. When you hear the phrase “go with the flow” it probably conjures up images of kicking back and letting fate take over. Not so. That would be more like “get lost in the flow” whereas going with it would make you more like a co-pilot. See the difference? The choice isn’t between trying to exercise control over events or giving in completely. Instead, we can be present for the reality of things around us (including that which feels beyond our control), while being in a relationship with those events in order to be part of how they unfold. Doing little things — like slowing down, breathing, and unplugging — can help.  Continue reading “Go(ing) with the Flow”

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs…

It’s not exactly a new phenomenon, and it certainly didn’t start in 2017, but it does seem as if the sense of information bombardment is reaching new levels. Perhaps it’s due to the incessant tweeting of a certain unnameable PEOTUS and the mainstream media’s willingness to let a jester’s rants drive the news cycle. Maybe it’s because we’re all way too hooked into this digital leviathan for work, play, and everything in between. Or it could simply be a reflection of postmodern malaise reaching its apex, at which point everything’s been done and all we have left is to seek out the new and exciting in the old and familiar. Continue reading “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs…”

Party Like It’s (NOT) 2016!

Has there been a worse year in recent memory than 2016? From David Bowie and Prince to one half of WHAM! and Princess Leia, we lost more celebrities per capita this year than seems possible. Meanwhile, the arctic is melting, Syria is boiling over, and gross intolerance is once again not only rekindled but burning white-hot. Oh, and let’s not forget the staggeringly uplifting spectacle of the US presidential election, which was essentially a “least unpopular” contest that pitted “No thanks” versus “Never” and resulted in a fitting debacle where the total vote loser nonetheless claimed an electoral mandate. Yeesh. Continue reading “Party Like It’s (NOT) 2016!”