Here at Rover Goods, we are a collective of content creators, thought generators, and design aficionados. We have expertise in organizing, facilitating, designing, writing and editing, and more. We’ve been part of action-oriented projects, community-based organizations, educational spaces, and other mission-driven efforts. To help get your work going or moving ahead, we offer the following services, as consultants or contractors tailored to your needs:

  • Logos, images, memes, and other designs to support your project or product.
  • Digital content for your website, blog, social media page, or anywhere else.
  • Mission statements and supporting principles, & organizational design tools.
  • Working with WordPress and other platforms to help launch/update your site.
  • Creating stickers, buttons, shirts, and more for your project/campaign/cause.
  • Proposals, facilitation guidelines, promotional materials, and other documents.
  • Examples of our work: Resistance Times || New Clear Vision || & our Zazzle shop!

Our mission here at RG is to help “increase the peace and grow the good.” The tools of design and implementation are crucial to doing this work. We want to help support your efforts, grow your “brand,” and build your communities…

Contact us to help kickstart your project! We’ll work with you to create a plan of action, including establishing priorities and a viable timeline. And we’ll do so at a reasonable price, with a sliding-scale for mission-driven groups. Let’s go!

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