BADLANDS: “Get Your Facts Learned”

Every movement needs an anthem — or many anthems, actually. As an opening bid, we would like to nominate “Badlands” by Bruce Springsteen for your consideration. This choice was inspired by the anonymous tweeter at Badlands National Park who went rogue by posting actual facts about climate change in defiance of an Administration-ordered shutdown on the flow of public information. Continue reading “BADLANDS: “Get Your Facts Learned””

Don’t Mourn, Organize

Before his execution by the state of Utah in 1915, the legendary activist and songwriter Joe Hill wrote a telegram to Bill Haywood — himself a founding member and prominent voice in the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) — in which Hill wrote: “Goodbye, Bill. I die like a true blue rebel. Don’t waste any time mourning. Organize!” History remembers Joe Hill as a colorful and dynamic figure in the labor movements of the early twentieth century, and as someone who crafted songs and penned lyrics that have inspired generations of musicians and artists for decades since. Among other legacies, Hill coined the phrase “pie in the sky” and is probably best known for the enduring paraphrase from his letter to Haywood: “Don’t mourn, organize!” Continue reading “Don’t Mourn, Organize”

Transitions of Power

Yes friends, we stand on the cusp of a shining moment in our American democracy, when we effect the peaceful transition of political power. This hallowed process sets us apart from all of those other, lesser nations where the transition of power is at times accomplished through less refined means, potentially leading to chaos and authoritarianism. Fortunately, we are immune from such outcomes, and now we can celebrate the virtues of our time-honored tradition in which power is transferred between respected leaders while the people gather to witness the miracle of democracy. Continue reading “Transitions of Power”

Go(ing) with the Flow

These days, it helps to think about where things are going and how we can be part of steering them there. When you hear the phrase “go with the flow” it probably conjures up images of kicking back and letting fate take over. Not so. That would be more like “get lost in the flow” whereas going with it would make you more like a co-pilot. See the difference? The choice isn’t between trying to exercise control over events or giving in completely. Instead, we can be present for the reality of things around us (including that which feels beyond our control), while being in a relationship with those events in order to be part of how they unfold. Doing little things — like slowing down, breathing, and unplugging — can help.  Continue reading “Go(ing) with the Flow”