Do you remember that time when the world was perfect and everyone got along really well? Neither do we! But we do know that things have been better in some ways before, and that we can help move them in a positive direction again. This may seem a bit out there (or not, hopefully), but that’s what we try to do: Roving for Good! Might as well do so while we’re here, right?

Most of what we promote here is recycled, found, curated, or created by visionaries just like yourself! We travel around this old world, collecting people and places and meanings and memes as we go. We take pictures, accumulate inspirations, and relentlessly refurbish. It’s sort of like an evolving personal collection of inspiring items that we’re also happy to be able to share.

Welcome to our portal to the stars! Caution: Awesomeness Ahead…


Rover Goods brings together the creations of a small consortium of innovative content generators, digital designers, and project organizers. We support the work of those seeking to increase the peace and grow the good. Our community members are socially conscious and environmentally concerned. Although we do need to keep the lights on and put food on the table, the project isn’t mainly about commerce — mostly it’s about finding ways to work together (especially in these times). And for those interested in the ideas behind the actions, we also BLOG occasionally on this, that, and the other thing!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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Looking for that perfect gift (for you or a special someone) to express your thoughts and values? Say it loud and proud with items from the main shop, our ZAZZLE STOREFRONT. Like these:






Searching for that ideal domain to impress your friends, attract viewers, post your thoughts, or set up shop? We’ve got you covered, with our signature DOMAIN PORTFOLIO on Sedo. Samples:






Kickin’ it old school and searching for books, collectibles, and curiosities? Look no further than our ROVER GOODS PORTAL on eBay. Here you’ll find unique items and important books such as these:






Coming soon: a CreateSpace page featuring books and more from our collective of authors; and on online Etsy Store with original crafts and other creations.

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Here at Rover Goods, we are a collective of content creators, thought generators, and design aficionados. We have expertise in organizing, facilitating, designing, writing and editing, and more. We’ve been part of action-oriented projects, community-based organizations, educational spaces, and other mission-driven efforts. To help get your work going or moving ahead, we offer the following services, as consultants or contractors tailored to your needs:

  • Logos, images, memes, and other designs to support your project or product.
  • Digital content for your website, blog, social media page, or anywhere else.
  • Mission statements and supporting principles, & organizational design tools.
  • Working with WordPress and other platforms to help launch/update your site.
  • Creating stickers, buttons, shirts, and more for your project/campaign/cause.
  • Proposals, facilitation guidelines, promotional materials, and other documents.
  • Examples of our work: Resistance Times || New Clear Vision || & our Zazzle shop!

Our mission here at RG is to help “increase the peace and grow the good.” The tools of design and implementation are crucial to doing this work. We want to help support your efforts, grow your “brand,” and build your communities…

Contact us to help kickstart your project! We’ll work with you to create a plan of action, including establishing priorities and a viable timeline. And we’ll do so at a reasonable price, with a sliding-scale for mission-driven groups. Let’s go!

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