Return and Renew: The Porcelain Drip

There may come a time when you return some of the stuff you got for the holidays (or a birthday, etc.) but didn’t really want, and instead look to get something just for you — because you deserve it! How do you renew your interest and boost your energy levels in order to navigate the workaday gauntlet? We all know the answer to that, and it comes with a signature aroma as it relentlessly percolates into the fiber of our very being. Yes friends, the nation — and perhaps even the world — runs on this ubiquitous yet relatively underexplored item that we call coffee. Continue reading “Return and Renew: The Porcelain Drip”

Resolutions: STAY CALM!

We all need a little encouragement now and then, especially as the sense of crisis mounts and the options for meaningful change appear to dwindle. Things often seem like they’re on the cusp of improving, only to slide back again on the heels of an inevitable backlash of narrow minds and political muscle. Yet this may be more surface-deep than tangible if we take a long view on the arc of change. As forces of authoritarianism stand ready for a resurgence, let this serve as a reminder that in reality nothing is under control. Continue reading “Resolutions: STAY CALM!”

Meme Streets: Social Change*

The message is simple yet powerful: we can’t get it done alone, but together we’re unbreakable. This is the basic lesson conveyed by every successful social change campaign in modern history. Of course, the dedication and vision of individuals does matter, and their examples reverberate through the years (think of Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Wangari Maathai, Mandela). Yet they were all part of larger movements that necessitated large-scale social action in concert. In other words, public assembly was required for social change. Continue reading “Meme Streets: Social Change*”